PARSIPPANY, NJ – Weichert Corporate Housing, a leading global provider of temporary accommodations and furnished apartments, has unveiled a new brand identity that emphasizes the company’s short-term housing solutions that truly “feel like home” for mobile employees and business travelers.

With a network of over 80,000 apartments worldwide and a track record of earning notable industry awards and accolades, Weichert Corporate Housing delivers a uniquely customized level of service, well beyond the scope of traditional housing providers, to help clients and customers conquer the ever changing hurdles of a world landscape that’s constantly in flux.

“While we’re proud of our twenty-year legacy as a leader in trusted, best-in-class corporate housing solutions, it was time for a fresh new look that acknowledges our brand history while celebrating our commitment to elevating the employee experience,” said Mark Pooley, Senior Vice President of Weichert Corporate Housing. “The invigorated look and feel of our brand is a distinctive expression of our ability to adapt our services and products to ensure that the business travelers, mobile talent and interns that we serve feel at home, wherever work takes them.”

The company’s reputation as a leader in service excellence inspired much of this rebranding. Earlier this year, Weichert Corporate Housing earned its industry’s highest average service satisfaction score and the highest net satisfaction score in Trippel’s Annual Relocation Managers’ Survey on Relocation Mortgage, Spouse/Family Services, Corporate Temporary Housing Service and Rental/Destination Service Industries. This survey is the only impartial and unbiased industry-wide ranking of the quality of temporary housing services based on input from the corporate managers who purchase them.

At the heart of the company’s new brand identity is a logo that embodies Weichert Corporate Housing’s mission to make every traveler feel at home. The roof of a house is merged with an upward arrow, indicative of a commitment to elevate the employee experience – for their own people and those they support — and to suggest the boundless potential for agility, creativity, and growth.

“The challenge was how best to update and modernize a brand with a long history of service excellence to align with the bold, modern identity that we hold today as an industry thought leader and provider of innovative, outside-the-box housing solutions,” said Mindy Pauley, Vice President of Weichert Corporate Housing. “This new branding is as eye-catching as it is approachable; a distinctive essence of what we are to our clients—a partner that is uniquely unrestrained in its ability and agility to curate best-fit housing solutions that keep their traveling employees engaged, comfortable and productive.”

“Our new brand message, This Feels Like Home, is optimistic, inviting, solutionsdriven and flexible—key characteristics we all need in today’s business environment,” said Pauley. “Most importantly, it captures the collaborative spirit that is the foundation of every client partnership. Whether we are empowering clients to expand their global reach, get critical products to market or build their talent pipeline with intern programs, we remain hyper-focused on ensuring that their employees have access to contemporary, safe and welcoming spaces that feel like home.”

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